MOBILTEX CorTalk uDL1 Micro Data Logger with GPS

Optional GPS Receiver Provides Accurate Time & Geo-location Coordinates

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CorTalk Model uDL1 Micro Data Logger, Basic Version by Mobiltex
CorTalk Model uDL1 Micro Data Logger, Advanced Version by Mobiltex


The uDL1 one of the industry’s smallest and toughest devices for collecting AC and DC measurements from cathodic protection systems. Designed to fit under standard CP test caps, this rechargeable device automatically begins operation when connected to a measurement cable and stores up to 1,00,000 readings.

Periodic field surveys of cathodic protection systems can’t identify frequent, short-term events that can seriously impact pipeline integrity. MOBILTEX data loggers can. These pocket-sized, highly accurate devices are designed to be quickly installed inside rectifiers and test stations to measure and record critical performance parameters from the CP system.

The uDL1 offers a wide range of configurable settings that includes sample rate, current measurement ranges, time, geo-location and more. A tough enclosure, combined with durable components provides reliable operation in the harshest of operating conditions, while a long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures months of operation.

Basic uDL1 (Kit P/N: A20A03UDL01) – No GPS, 500,000 measurement memory.

Advanced uDL1 (Kit P/N: A20A03UDL02) – Internal GPS, 1,000,000 measurement memory, fast DC sample mode of 10 samples per second.


Key Benefits

  • Compact units fit inside most standard CP test stations
  • Internal rechargeable batteries provide 4-6 months of continuous operation
  • LCD display for local voltage monitoring
  • Fast, simple device configuration, data retrieval and charging via USB
  • Lightning and surge protection with broad operating temperature range (-4°F to +140°F)



  • Very small size 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.72" (89 x 40 x 18mm) allows for use within the standard CP test station
  • Water-resistant (non-submersible) enclosure for hash environments.
  • Wide operating temperature range -4 to +140°F (-20 to +60°C)
  • Integral rechargeable battery provides over 6 months or 1,000,000 readings per charge
  • 3½ digit wide-temperature LCD for local voltage monitoring with no additional equipment
  • Automatically powers on when measurement cable is connected
  • One galvanically isolated bi-polar analog input
  • DC Ranges: +/-150mV, +/-20V, and +/-175VDC
  • AC Ranges: 110mV, 14V, and 123VAC True RMS
  • Can measure AC and DC simultaneously
  • DC measurements have >65dB of 50.60Hz AC rejection for stable and accurate readings
  • Measurement accuracy over -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to +60°C): +/-0.25% +100uV DC low, +/-0.5% + 12mV DC medium, +/-0.5% +100mV DC high, +/- 0.3% +80uV AC low, +/-0.65% AC medium, and +/-0.45% +80mV AC high.
  • High impedance >20MOhm input capable of directly measuring a reference cell
  • Lightning and surge protected
  • Can measure and log internal temperature
  • Non-volatile 500,000 (Basic Model) or 1,000,000 (Advanced Model) measurement storage memory
  • All measurements are time and date stamped
  • User configurable sample rate for 1 per second to 1 per 12 hours
  • Advanced model has fast DC sample mode for 10 samples per second
  • USB connection to PC laptop for configuration, data uploading, and battery charging
  • Easy device configuration and data uploading through a PC-based graphical user interface
  • PC chart graphic preview of logged data
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) data file export

Basic uDL1
 – No GPS, 500,000 measurement memory.

Advanced uDL1 - Internal GPS, 1,000,000 measurement memory, fast DC sample mode of 10 samples per second.

The uDL1 Data Logger is available in two configurations: basic and advanced. The Basic model has a 500,000 measurement memory and is not GPS equipped. The Advanced model has a 1,000,000 measurement memory, a fast sample mode of 10 samples per second, and is equipped with an internal GPS receiver for accurate time reference and site geo-location coordinates.