MOBILTEX uGI1-B Portable Synchronized Rectifier Interruption

Quickly Equip Rectifiers with Interruption Capabilities to Provide Precise Timing, Repeatability and Control of Interruption and Utilize GPS Signals to Synchronize Operation.


Small, powerful and easily installed, the Mobiltex uGI1-B enables field technicians to quickly equip rectifiers with interruption capabilities during periodic surveys of cathodic protection systems.

These tough, compact devices are designed to provide precise timing, repeatability and control of rectifier interruption and utilize GPS signals to synchronize operation with all uGI1 units. Event data is recorded by the unit and stored until field technicians download it via USB connection.

The addition of an optional Mobiltex Smart Relay cost-effectively expands the capabilities of the uGI1-B to include continuous logging of load current and interruption faults.


Key Benefits

  • Precise timing and event data logging – includes geolocation, interruption activities, interruption faults (fault and load current logging available with optional smart relay)
  • User configurable interruption profiles can be set with Apple or Android app
  • Easily download data and upgrade firmware via USB connection
  • Compact, weather-proof enclosure with magnetic mounting feet can be installed in minutes
  • Lightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range (-30°F to +158°F)