Model 125 Cathodic Protection Monitoring Station by Electro-Guard

Monitors Cathodic Protection Levels for Boats, Yachts & Small Ships


The Electro-Guard Model 125 Cathodic Protection Monitoring Station allows potential corrosion problems to be spotted at a glance. It provides easy-to-read indications of a ship hull’s cathodic protection status by monitoring a reference electrode and transmitting that information to the ship control panel or other convenient monitoring location.

Choice of three models:

  • Model 125A: For aluminum hulls, aluminum structures & components.
  • Model 125S: For steel hulls, steel or iron structures.
  • Model 125B: For fiberglass or wood hulls with bronze & stainless steel components & fittings.


  • Easy-to-read analog panel meter display.
  • Rugged, stable reference electrode.
  • Easy to install.
  • Suitable for sacrificial anodes or impressed current.
  • Accurate readings in all natural waters, including seawater, brackish & fresh water.
  • Continuous readings. There are no push-to-read buttons.
  • Optional models have a switch in the panel that allows for independent protection level readings of the shaft and propeller assemblies.
  • Powered by 12 to 24 Volts DC.

125 Installation Kit Includes:

  • Monitoring Station: An aluminum panel with a color-coded display that indicates the level of protection being provided by the cathodic protection system. The panel measures 5 ¼" long by 3 ¾" high by 2 ¼" deep.

  • Reference Electrode: Zinc - 2-3/4" long x 1-3/4" wide with 1/2" thru-hull penetration.