Model 233 True-RMS Digital Multimeter by Fluke

First Fluke Multimeter with a Wireless Remote Detachable Display



The 233 wireless remote DMM allows maintenance professionals to address an age-old problem - display positioning. It solves the problem of users who struggled with:

  • Twisting uncomfortably to read the display and keep the probes in place

  • Wishing for a third hand while taking a measurement

  • Running from one place to another to take a measurement

  • Needing a second person to read the display, while they are flipping the switch

  • Focusing on the display, while making sure the probes stay in place

These problems are now solved. The new Fluke 233 can be used for most common meter measurements and is especially suited for those situations where display viewing is challenging


Features & Benefits



Removable magnetic display

Expands measurement options, safety and accuracy

No need to hold the meter to read measurement values

Removes need for “third hand” or stretching to get measurements

Improved visual focus on probes

Increases accuracy and safety

Use as a conventional  multimeter when the display is connected

Increases DMM functionality and need for multiple meters

Auto power off, radio is turned off when the display is connected to the meter

Increases battery life

True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals

Enables large range of measurement capabilities

Large digit display with bright backlight

Easy to read measurements in any setting

Displays may be interchanged between 233 meters

If multiple units are being used there is no worry about mixing up display heads


Typical Job Titles

Work Environments


Application Engineer

Controls Technician

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Technician

Field Service Engineer

Instrumentation Specialist

Maintenance Manager

Electronic Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Plant Engineer

R&D Engineer

Industrial Electricians

Any company installing or maintaining electronic machinery / plant equipment.

Working on Electrical panels.

Working on HVAC systems.

Working in automotive sector

Any company developing, installing or maintaining electronic devices.

In plant automation

Power distribution

Electro-mechanical equipment

Industrial electronics

Electronic components / sub-assemblies

Industrial electrical equipment





Voltage Measurement

To 1000 V AC/DC

Current Measurement

To 10 A  AC/DC

Resistance Measurement

To 40 MΩ

Continuity / Diode Test


Capacitance Measurement

To 10,000 µF


To 500kHz


Min/Max/Avg Hold, Auto and Manual Range

Temperature Measurement

-40ºC to +400ºC (Display ºC or ºF)

Wireless Range

30 ft

Safety Rating

CAT III 1000 V CAT IV 600 V


3 Years

Country of Origin 


Dimensions (H x W x L)

5.3 x 5.3 x 19.3 cm


604 g (1.3 lbs) 

Answers to Common Questions

Q. How far away can the display be used from the meter?
A. The wireless range is 30 feet, but it may be higher in certain situations or environments.
Q. Will I lose my reading if I remove the display while I’m taking a measurement?
A. No, you won’t. The display can be removed during a measurement reading without any reading interruptions.
Q. What happens if my co-worker and I both have this remote display meter and we accidentally get the displays mixed up?
A. A great thing about this meter is that it will automatically match itself to whatever display is put on it. All a user has to do is put on the display and then turn the meter on and off.
Q. Is there any way to help me locate a misplaced or lost display?
A. The beeper is located in the display module. To locate a misplaced display, you can either push the yellow shift button or place the meter base in the continuity function and while shorting the test leads together.
Q. How much extra am I paying for this technology?
A. The cost of the meter is $299.95, which makes it competitive with other mid-range meters.
Q. Who else makes a remote display meter?
A. No one else is making one.
Q. I work in a noisy environment. Will I have to worry about interference compromising the integrity of the reading?
A. No, the Fluke 233 Remote Display module is shielded, so noise won’t be a problem.
Q. Can I use this meter with the display attached to the multimeter?
A. Absolutely! The 233 functions with the display on or off the meter to optimize flexibility.
Q. I bet it has a short battery life because of the remote display.
A. No, it has a 400 hour battery life, which is similar to most multimeters.


Ordering Information

Model Number: Fluke 233. Includes:

  • Getting Started Manual (Printed)
  • AA Batteries (installed)
  • Test leads
  • AC72 Alligator Clips
  • 80BK-A Temperature Probe
  • CD-ROM (user manual & technical notes and application images)