Model AC-15 AC Warning System by Tinker & Rasor

Detects Induced AC on Pipelines


Model AC-15 Warning System Measurement of AC Voltage potentials between structure and ground for job site safety of personnel. The AC-15 A/C Warning System is an instrument which detects potential differences of 15V AC or more on a structure (NACE INternational SP0177-2007) Designed for pipelines running through high voltage electrical transmission corridors (right of ways), if AC voltage of 15 volts or greater is detected the instrument goes into alarm with both audible and visual alerts.


  • Monitors AC on pipelines or structures
  • Alarm at 15v AC Threshold
  • Conforms to NACE SP0177-2007
  • Audio and Visual Alarms
  • Calibration Test Unit
  • Superbright LED's
  • Replaceable 9v Batteries


  • Housed in "Mil-Spec" Locking Case
  • Includes lid lock so instrument will not close accidentally while in operation
  • Locking Cable Connector
  • Storage inside case for all included acessories


  • Pipelines in power transmission corridors
  • AC mitigation sites
  • Pipeline rehabilitation projects
  • Wherever personnel may come in contact with induced AC


  • AC-15 AC Warning System
  • 6' Cables with copper clamps
  • Mil-Spec Lockable Case
  • Batteries, (2) 9 Volt
  • AC Tester Unit
  • Model 6-A Copper-Copper/Sulfate Reference Electrode


  • Alarm Threshold: 14.6v AC
  • Full Alarm: 14.8v AC
  • Led Intensity: 8000 mcd
  • Alarm Volume <90 db at 108"
  • Operating Voltage 9v


-19ºC to 60ºC (-2ºF to 140ºF)


5.75" x 12.25" x 10" 5 lbs 146mm x 311mm x 254mm, 2.27kg)

Shipping Demensions:

14" x 12" x 6", 5lbs (355.6mm x 304.8mm x 15.24mm, 2.72kg)