Model ACT Amp Clamp Tester by Tinker & Rasor

The Ultimate Amp Clamp Companion. The ACT is Very Accurate and an Easy to Use Verifying Device.


The ACT is the ultimate amp clamp companion. Newly designed, the ACT is very accurate and an easy to use verifying device. Using the ACT, your amp clamp or multimeter is fed 1.0 Amp or 0.5 Amp DC, quickly verifying your reading. The Tester’s accuracy exceeds most amp clamp accuracy, with a ±5% accuracy. The Tester features a built-in rechargeable battery, two banana jacks for the current loop for testing amp clamps, or connecting a multimeter. Use the ACT on all popular current meters and amp clamps.

  • Very accurate DC current
  • 1.0 Amp and 0.5 Amp output
  • Use with any amp clamp
  • Easy to use with most currrent meters
  • Use in the Field or Lab
  • Calibration Certification