Model CS-1 Magnesium Anode Simulator by Tinker & Rasor

A Portable, Adjustable C.P. Current Supply.


The Tinker & Rasor Model CS-1 Mag Anode Simulator is a portable, adjustable current supply capable of delivering up to 1.5 amps of DC current depending on load conditions. The output voltage is fixed at 1.7 volts DC, making the CS-1 ideal for use as a magnesium anode simulator. The CS-1 has a digital display to show the amount of current impressed and to check the internal DC battery level.

The CS-1 Mag Anode simulator simulates one (1) magnesium anode in a cathodic protection system. It should be possible, based on the results of a pipe-to-soil survey, to extrapolate how multiple magnesium anodes would affect the system

For convenience in the field, the CS-1 Mag Anode Simulator uses four replaceable “D” cell batteries to provide current, plus a replaceable 9 volt battery for the meter display. For best performance, Tinker & Rasor recommends the use of alkaline batteries.

Easy Controls

  • On / Off – Used to turn the CS-1 current and panel meter on and off.
  • Amps / Volts – Used to set the display to read current or voltage. Select AMPS to display current and VOLTS to display the battery level.
  • Current Adjust – Used to adjust the current applied to the pipe and / or structure.

Easy to Use

  1. Connect the test leads provided to the plugs located on the side of the CS-1 case.
  2. Connect the clips on the other end of the test leads to the pipe/structure under test.
  3. Turn on the CS-1.
  4. Turn the Amps / Volts switch to Amps.
  5. Adjust the current to the desired level.
  6. Read the value on the digital display.

When not in use, the test leads can be stored in the CS-1 case. To replace the batteries, remove the two Phillips screws located on the control panel of the CS-1. Lift the control panel from the case to access the batteries.