Model SCM Stray Current Mapper by Radiodetection

Safe and Cost-Effective Method for Pipeline Current Surveys

The Stray Current Mapper (SCM) is a safe and cost-effective way of mapping the magnitude and direction of stray current interference on a pipeline. These are usually caused by third party cathodic protection systems (static interference currents) or DC electrified rail systems (dynamic interference currents).


Most metal pipes have a protective coating to help prevent against the onset of corrosion. When these coatings are damaged a destructive chemical reaction occurs at the point of the defect, this causes current to flow from the pipe to the ground. This current and any other forced onto the pipeline from a foreign source is known as stray current, and significantly contributes to the corrosion process. The SCM allows you to completely map and accurately pinpoint from above ground (without connection to the pipeline) the area where current discharge is taking place (usually coating defects).

The SCM is also capable of data-logging for up to 48 hours, meaning that information can be stored over a real-time period, then processed and analysed at a later date to identify both the location and source of the interference.



The Radiodetection SCM Stray Current Mapper can be used to:

  • Pinpoint a source of stray current interference.
  • Non-intrusively troubleshoot suspected areas of stray current interference.


The Radiodetection SCM can also completely map the distribution of any CP source. This means areas where current discharge is taking place (usually coating defects) can be accurately pinpointed. It is also capable of data logging for 48 hours. This can be post-processed to identify areas of possible interference as well as identifying the source of the interference.

Specification / Features

SCM sensor bar containing multiple magnetometers

● Data viewer and sensor bar control software (to be installed on customer provided laptop)

● Fully weatherproof housing

● Can withstand 1m (3ft) drops onto concrete

● 48 hours data logging

● Dedicated analysis software

● Simultaneously identify up to four separate interferences (using 4 Si’s)

● SmartProbe 2* for use where there are multiple pipes and high interference areas

● Smart Interrupter* (SI) compatibility (GPS option also available)



● Rapid assessment of stray currents from above ground without connection to the pipeline

● Determine pipeline sections effected by stray currents.

● Pinpoint the stray current pick-up and discharge points

● Display the amplitude and direction of stray currents.

● Identify the source of stray currents.

● Non-intrusively troubleshoot suspected breakdowns in cathodic protection.

● Provides data to enable negotiation between various parties involved in stray current interference problems.

● Data logging and archiving for up to 48 hours

● Can be used with multiple pipes and high interference sites


Who would benefit from the SCM system?

● Gas transmission and distribution companies

● Oil transportation companies

● Service companies and contractors in the pipeline industry

● Water and waste pipeline companies