Model TH100A 100 Amp Current Interrupter by M.C. Miller

•Compact. Lightweight. Sturdy Construction. Wireless Connectivity Enabled


The TH100A is a modern current interrupter using the latest technology in current control and digital communication.

  • Interrupts 100 A at 150 VDC
  • Cool to the touch - even at full rated current
  • Can be synced to Cronos, JR-1, or JR-2 units - works with your existing interrupters
  • Can provide immediate or scheduled interruption operations

  • Compact, lightweight, sturdy construction
  • Wireless Connectivity enabled - can be programmed via simple Android™ application (Lollipop ver 5.1.1 or higher)
  • High accuracy Real Time Clock, on/off cycles from 1 millisecond to 6 months
  • Powered by 4 user-replaceable AA batteries

  • New TH100A 100Amp Current Interrupter
  • Green 6 Foot Straight Lead with 27-C (40 Amp) Clip (#33910)
  • Dual 100 amp Power Cable (#SUB577)
  • Sync Cable Assy, TH100A (#12845)
This unit has all the functionality of a 100 Amp interrupter plus the convenience of Wireless Connectivity programmability, as well as M.C.Miller's high quality components and manufacturing standards at a price that will make the office budget happy.


  • On/Off cycles’ accuracy to 1 millisecond, continuing operation shifts less than 1/2 second a day
  • Relay: Solid State
  • Battery: (4) Standard AA batteries
  • Estimated Battery Life: 300hrs @ 4s On/Off Cycle
  • Temperature Range: Based on alkaline batteries @ -18°C to 55° C
  • Interrupting Capacity: 100 amps @ 150 V DC
  • Dimensions: 6.75"L x 4.375"W x 3.75"H
  • Weight: 2.2 Lb (1 kg)
  • Auto Turn-On: Main power is manually switched ON/OFF, operation schedule can be pre-set while power is on. Auto Start/Stop based on the pre-set schedule (Start/Stop dates, Start/Stop time)
  • Synchronize Compatibility: JR-1, JR-2, Cronos
  • Management Interface: Android™ Application