Model UR Regular Immersion Reference Electrode by EDI

Designed for Long-term Installation in Aqueous Environments


The Model IR reference electrode is designed for long term installation in an aqueous environment. It can be directly suspended by its lead wire or securely attached to a steel structure with an optional magnetic mount. Antifreeze protection is also available for situations where the electrode may be exposed to temperatures down to -70oF.

Typical Applications

  • Elevated water tanks, stand pipes, ground storage tanks, clarifiers, traveling screens, trash racks, submerged pipelines, locks, dams, dock structures.


  • Rugged 1 " Schedule 40 white PVC housing
  • 15-year design life
  • Optional magnetic mount for easy attachment to steel structure
  • Optional antifreeze protection to -70oF

Housing Specifications

  • 1 5/8" dia. x 10 3/4" long PVC
  • Heavy duty strain relief'

Element Specifications

  • Design life: 15 years
  • Shelf life: 1 year with end cap in place
  • Maximum temperature: +140oF
  • Minimum temperature: +10oF

Element types

  • AGG: Saturated gelled Ag / AgCl
  • CUG: Saturated gelled Cu / CuSO4


  • LWnnn: nnn ft. #12 AWG THHN
  • CWnnn: nnn ft. of custom wire


  • IR: Regular (no options)
  • IM: Magnetic mount
  • IA: Antifreeze protection to -70oF
  • IB: Magnetic mount & antifreeze

Model Designation

  • Specify as EDI Model IZ-XXX-YY, where Z = option code, XXX = element type, and YY = termination type.