Model US SlimLine Underground Reference Electrode by EDI

30-Year Design Life with Long-Life Gelled Element


The Model US is designed for installation in a small (2") diameter hole. It is ideal for retrofit through asphalt or concrete where it is difficult or costly to drill a large diameter hole. This electrode can be used between storage tanks at service stations or between the primary and secondary containment of an above-ground storage tank. Also, the Model US weighs far less than the industry standard bagged electrode, which reduces shipping costs where this is a consideration.

Typical Applications

  • Underground and above ground storage tanks, buried pipelines, elevator shafts


  • 30-year design life with EDI's LongLife tm gelled element.
  • Can be installed in a 2 inch diameter hole.
  • Proprietary backfill mix to retain moisture and minimize migration of contaminants from the surrounding soil.
  • 50 ft. of #14 AWG HMW/PE lead wire is standard.

Housing Specifications

  • Size: 1 5/8" dia. X 22" long
  • Shipping weight: 5 lbs

Element Specifications

  • Design life: 30 yrs
  • Shelf life: 1 year minimum
  • Stability: +/- 5 mV
  • Current drain: 3 uA for 1 min, 0.01 uA continuous

Element Types

  • AGG: saturated gelled Ag / AgC1
  • CUG: saturated gelled Cu / CuSO4


  • SW: 50' of #14 AWG HMW/PE
  • LWnnn: nnn ft. #14 AWG HMW/PE
  • CWnnn: nnn ft. of custom wire


Model Designation

  • Specify as EDI Model US-xxx-yy, where xxx = element type and yy = termination type.


  • To install, simply drill a 2" diameter hole, lower the electrode into place, and slurry in backfill.