Modle T-3 Cathodic Protection Test Station by Tinker & Rasor

Industry Standard. Fits 3.5" OD Riser Pipe. Many Colors Available.
Tinker & Rasor is manufacturing CP Test Stations featuring its exclusive "Supergrip Top". These unique test stations are designed for easy installation on either new or existing risers.

Models T-1 and T-3 are injection molded, using the finest polycarbonate plastics with UV protection to ensure maximum strength and to guard against failure due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. The Tinker & Rasor T-1 and T-3 are designed to survive in harsh climatic environments worldwide.

Models T-1 and T-3 are easy to install, requiring no tools. These test stations, due to our unique dual locking system, are theft and tamper resistant. All models are availailable for immediate shipment "Worldwide".

Tinker & Rasor is the first manufacturer of CP Test Stations to offer the "Antispin" gasket. This gasket eliminates the possibility of the test stations "spinning" on the riser.

T-3 for use with 3-1/2" OD
riser pipe
T-1 for use with 1-1/2" OD
riser pipe


  • Injection molded Lexan® polycarbonate plastics to ensure maximum strength and UV protection to guard against failure due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Designed to survive in harsh climatic environments worldwide. Limited 25-year warranty.

  • Easy installation on either new or existing risers without use of tools.

  • Exclusive "Supergrip Top", making it easy to open the test station while wearing gloves.

  • "Anti-spin" gasket, which prevents the possibility of the test stations spinning on the riser.

  • Eight stock colors for test stations.

  • Three stock colors for riser pipes.

  • Custom colors available for both test stations and riser pipes.

  • Five standard binding post configurations on 11-hole terminal board of Model T-3. Many different different terminal configurations available.

  • Available with custom printing, which may conform to DOT standards for urban line markers.

  •  Wide choice of accessories, such as Tinker & Rasor's "Shock Guard" and shunts.

Standard Product
Model T-1
Fits 1-1/2" OD pipe.
Each T-1 includes:
(1) "Supergrip" top
(1) Terminal, 3-hole
(1) Small nut
(3) 18-8 stainless steel hardware kits
(1) "Anti-spin"gasket

5-foot riser pipe with ground anchor
Molded shock guard
Current shunts
Banana plugs
Nickel plated brass hardware

Model T-3
Fits 3-1/2" OD pipe.
Each T-3 includes:
(1) "Supergrip" top
(1) Terminal, 11-hole
(1) Large nut
(5) Binding posts, brass, nickel-plated
(1) "Anti-spin"gasket

T-3 Options

Tinker & Rasor T-3 terminals are made from Lexan®, a clear polycarbonate injection molded plastic, allowing for easy viewing through the terminal to terminal points. This safety measure allows clear vision to the other side of the terminal so that your field personnel are not blindly reaching their hands into "hot" areas on the terminal. The Model T-3 can be custom configured to the specifications of the customer. Below are examples of custom work and accessories offered by Tinker & Rasor.


The Model D-TS allows a convenient connection to structures for potential readings. The digital voltmeter is built-in and a quick button push gives potential readings when combined with a half-cell reference electrode. The Model DT-S comes ready to use, with 9 Volt battery included. Battery life approx. 1 year. Analog versions available, no battery required.


This example of the T-3 CP Test Station shows a Shunt and slide resistor connected to the Terminal Board. Both shunts, slide resistors and other accessories are available as optional accessories to any Model T-3 CP Test Station purchase.

Flange Adapter:

The Tinker & Rasor Flange Adapter, shown at right, fits the Model T-3 Test Station. The Flange Adapter has electrical knock-outs, shown at left in detail, that allow easy pass-through of wires. No drilling in the field is required.

T-3 Terminal:

The Model T-3 CP Test Station Terminal has been improved with a cutout in the bottom of the terminal, allowing a half-cell reference electrode to be put down the riser pipe to get potential readings when surrounding ground cover is not convenient for taking pipe-to-soil potentials.

Lightening Arrestor

The Tinker & Rasor Lightning Arrestor fits the Model T-311-hole terminal. This is an example of the custom configurations we have made for customers.

tink11.jpg (2459 bytes)

tink12.jpg (2435 bytes)

Current Shunts

Available in three specifications:

  • Orange: 0.001 Ohm, 25 Amp capacity
  • Yellow: 0.01 Ohm, 8 Amp capacity
  • Red: 0.1 Ohm, 2 Amp capacity

Shock Guard

tink09.jpg (3013 bytes)


An exploded view of the Model T-3 Test Station shows an Orange "Top Hat" cover, the standard, clear, 11-hole terminal (Standard configuration includes 5 binding posts.), an Orange riser pipe and the Tinker & Rasor Earthlock system.

Binding posts and setscrew, shown in detail, are made of brass and nickel-plated to prevent corrosion. The setscrew requires a standard slot type screwdriver. Binding post will accommodate up to size 6-gauge wire.