Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is extensive and is comprised of many subsectors that alone, are an industry unto their own.  These include a variety of businesses in exploration, gathering, storage, refining, transmission, distribution, transportation and more.  

In each of these business sectors, damage caused by corrosion is ongoing and extremely expensive, yet most corrosion issues can be mitigated through proper maintenance and protection procedures.  This applies to valuable Infrastructures such as pipelines, storage tanks, oilfield vessels, offshore facilities and many other buried or submerged metallic structures.

In addition, where regulatory requirements demand even greater scrutiny, Farwest can be a valuable resource to help meet compliance and monitoring needs in the pipeline industry. 

Farwest serves each of these industries through the supply of cathodic protection and corrosion prevention products as well as installation and engineering services.  As no two customer needs or technical issues are alike, our expertise for determining the right solution is where we excel and where our customers find benefit.  In addition, our reputation for integrity, service and quality makes Farwest a leader in our industry and we are known for providing the right product, the right solution and the right people.