Pin Brazing Reach System for Cathodic Protection, EASY BOND (EBRS) by BAC

Electrical connections to pipes and other buried structures downhole through very small grade openings, with no need for major excavation.


Complete system, BAC Easy Bond Reach System (EBRS)

Specially designed to be compatible with the BAC EASY BOND pin brazing units, the EASY BOND Reach System (EBRS) comprises a special pin brazing gun with a brazing tool that attaches to a fully adjustable (63" to 98" or 1.6 m to 2.5 m) hollow aluminum extension tube. To reach a buried pipe, all that is required is a core-drilled hole (as narrow as 7.9" or 200 mm diameter) down to the pipe where the connection pin needs to be brazed.

The system also includes a device for local pipe coating removal and cleaning in the area to be bonded to ensure a good braze. Triggering of the device is controlled via a special manually controlled switch mounted on the battery unit.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description

273 199 5100

EBRS system. Includes 4 items below:

273 199 5060

Gun & Lance

273 199 5070

Trigger Device

273 199 5080

Earth Device

273 199 0810

Easybond Battery Box

273 900 1870

Battery (3 required)

273 199 5020

Battery Charger, 110/230 Vac

274 199 5040

In-car battery Charger, 12 Vdc