Pin Brazing Unit, Battery Powered, Easy Bond MKII (EBM2) by BAC

Portable and easy-to-transport BAC Easy Bond Pin Brazing Unit suitable for up to 30 brazes with smallest type of brazing pin.

The BAC Easybond MKII Pin Brazing Unit is suitable for all types of minor installation and maintenance work. It is primarily for the occasional user who needs a simple, rugged and low cost machine. The unit is portable and easy to transport. The brazing process is controlled by means of the fuse wire on the brazing pin. The capacity is up to 30 brazes with the smallest type of brazing pin, and it can easily be increased by a battery charger mounted in a vehicle, the batteries being charged during transportation between workplaces.

BAC pin brazing operation

30-braze capacity

Heavy-duty enclosure


Charge/braze indicators
Tells operator when to recharge.

BAC Easybond MKII Pin Brazing lightweight

20 kg (44 lbs). Ideal for site work and easily transported.


BAC Easybond MKII Pin Brazing quick-charge battery pack

Quick-change battery pack
36V stand-alone units with integral cables, loading strap and quick-change connectors.

BAC Easybond MKII Pin Brazing battery pack

Independent battery pack charging
With extra pack, operator can charge and braze at the same time.