Model IP Pipe-Type Immersion Reference Electrode by EDI

Compact, Economical, Dry-type Reference Electrode for Marine Applications.


The Model IP is a compact, economical, dry-type reference electrode for marine applications. It has a 0.840 inch diameter PVC bushing on the termination end. This enables the user to cement on any ½ inch socket-end PVC pipe or electrical conduit fitting (e.g. male or female conduit thread or couplings) for permanent installation. Examples of this are shown on EDI Drawing PIPAPP2, where ½ inch PVC couplings serve as transition pieces for running the lead wire through conduit or attaching the electrode to a wall. For intermittent use, the Model IP has a blind 1/4-20 hole for attaching up to a 5 lb weight. Should more weight than that be necessary, the electrode and the weight should be attached to a separate drop line as shown on EDI Drawing PIPAPP1.

Typical Applications

  • Portable use - intermittent potential measurements in seawater.
  • Permanent use - piers, pilings, traveling screens, and other marine structures.


  • Sized to fit standard ½ inch PVC conduit or fittings
  • Rugged white PVC housing
  • Ag / AgCl or Zn element for open seawater (marine) application

Housing Specifications

  • 0.840" dia. at termination end
  • 1.0" dia. x 3 1/4" long PVC

Element Types

  • AGD: dry-type Ag / AgCl
  • ZIN: 99.99% zinc


  • ST: 1/4-20 threaded stud
  • LW: 100 ft. #18 AWG PVC insulated test lead

Model Designation

  • Specify as EDI Model IP-XXX-YY, where XXX = element type and YY = termination type.