Powder Comb by DeFelsko

Check powder thickness with Powder Checker before curing to help insure correct cured film thickness the first time through the line. Avoid stripping and re-coating, which can cause problems with adhesion and coating integrity.


  • Ideal for set-up and quality control.
  • Works on a variety of part sizes, shapes and substrates such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, and more.
  • Easy to carry; convenient shirt pocket size.
  • Available in mils (inch) or microns (metric).


  • Broad stand-offs on both sides of teeth help keep gage perpendicular to surface when measuring.
  • Rugged aluminum construction for long gage life and static control.
  • Precision gage; manufactured to a tolerance of ± 0.0002 inch.
  • Protective leather pouch included with each gage.

Simple Operation

  • Push the Powder Checker perpendicularly into the dry powder so that the two stand-offs (end tabs) on both sides of the teeth rest firmly on the substrate. (Unit is shown full-scale on right when viewed on a 19" monitor at 1024 x 768 resolution).
  • Drag the Powder Checker along the surface of the coated part for at least 1/2 inch.
  • Remove the Powder Checker from the surface and examine the marks left in the powder. The powder thickness is between the highest numbered tooth which made a mark and has powder clinging to it, and the next highest tooth which left no mark and has no powder clinging to it. Example: The 3 and 6 mil teeth both make lines and have powder clinging to them but the 9 mil tooth does not. The uncured powder thickness is determined to be between 6 and 9 mils (see figure).

Powder Checker Model Tooth Height
Tooth 1 Tooth 2 Tooth 3 Tooth 4
Model 1 3 mils 6 mils 9 mils 12 mils
Model 2 10 mils 15 mils 20 mils 25 mils
Model 3 20 mils 30 mils 40 mils 50 mils
Model 4 75 µm 150 µm 225 µm 300 µm
Model 5 250 µm 375 µm 500 µm 625 µm
Model 6 500 µm 750 µm 1000 µm 1250 µm