Power Industry

The power industry is unique in its need for corrosion control methods.  Having a blend of above and below grade infrastructure components, the power industry must contend with both atmospheric corrosion for above ground structures and electrolysis on buried facilities.  In addition, because of the use of cooling water, corrosion on submerged structures can also be an issue.  

The damage, as a result of corrosion, can affect structures such as fuel pipelines, storage tanks, steel towers, and more.  If properly applied, corrosion control methods care reduce or even eliminate infrastructure losses caused by unabated corrosion.  The use of cathodic protection systems for buried or submerged structures can save millions of dollars every year.

Farwest has worked with power utilities for over sixty years and provided solutions for power plants, solar fields, pipeline networks, cooling systems and other critical components.  Our experts can help you design, install, commission, test and monitor practical systems prevent losses due to corrosion.  In addition, we also supply needed corrosion control products to make your corrosion prevention and maintenance projects go very smoothly.

Our reputation for doing the right thing for our customers is well known throughout our industry and we are here to assist you with any corrosion prevention needs.  Our motto, Integrity – Service – Quality, is what we strive to achieve with each customer interaction and every provided solution.