SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes Kit

The Model SC-4 Sliver-Silver/Chloride kit come complete with everything necessary to conduct field tests both ON SHORE and OFF SHORE.


  • AgAg/CI Element
  • Sturdy Carrying Case
  • Waterproof adapter

Model SC-4 Kits Comes with
  • Reference Cell Body for LAND
  • Reference Cell Body for Sea
  • Flat Ceramic Half Cell Tip (Unsaturated)
  • Brass Weight
  • "w-7" Waterproof Adapter
  • Silver element
  • "Ocean Water"
  • Carrying case


  • Silver-Silver Chloride reference electrode (AgAg/CI)
  • 99.999% Pure Silver


Kit: 12' x 6.75" x 4.5", 2 lbs. (305mm x 171mm x 114mm, 0.908kg)

Shipping: 13" x 7.5" x 5", 4 lbs. (330mm x 191mm x 127mm, 1.81kg)