Scotchcast #82-AN Cable Splice Kit by 3M

Straight Splice for #10 to #2 AWG Cables. Use in Weather-Exposed or Direct-Burial Locations.


Use the Scotchcast kit 82-A series to insulate and seal single conductor, unshielded cable splices through 5 kV and multiple conductor cables through 1 kV. Designed for use in weather-exposed or direct-burial locations. For making inline (straight) splices on unshielded,synthetic insulated cables rated up to a maximum of 5kV and for multiple conductor cables rated up to a maximumof 1kV. UL Listed for direct burial and submerged applications up to 600 volts and 90°C. For use with UL Listed connectors only.

These kits will accommodate the following connectors and conductor sizes:

Kit. No UPC Max. Cable O.D. Max Connector O.D. Conductor Size Inner Pack Case Qt.
82-A 25016 0.750"
(19 mm) 
(10 mm) 
10 - 2 AWG
(6 - 30 mm2) 




China RoHS - Below MCV     Yes
Conductor Sizes for 5 kV 1 AWG, 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 2/0 AWG, 3/0 AWG
EU RoHS Compliant Yes
Insulation O.D. Range 0.625 - 1.00 Inch
Product Series 82-A Series
Product Technology Resin
Product Type Splice
Shielding Type Multiple Conductor Portable Cable, Non-Shielded, Single Conductor Portable Cable
Splice Type Inline
Voltage 1 kV, 5 kV