Scotchcast #85-10 Cable Splice Kit by 3M

For Cable Splice, Insulating & Sealing up to #4 AWG


Designed for insulating and sealing cables rated up to a maximum of 1000 volts.  

These kits will accommodatethe following connectors and conductor sizes:

Kit No. Connector Type Maximum
Conductor Size
Ma. Connector Size
(height plus width) 
Max. Sheath
Max Cable O.D. 
Wye or 4-Way 
85-10 Split Bolt
H & C Tap Compression 
#8 Stranded AWG
#4 Stranded AWG 
1 3/4"
1 3/4" 
3 1/2" Run & Tap - 7/16



Cable Type Power Cable
China RoHS - Below MCV Yes
Conductor Sizes 4 AWG, 8 AWG
EU RoHS Compliant Yes
Product Type Resin Splice
Shielding Type Non-Shielded
Splice Type Resin
Split Bolt Maximum Conductor Sizes 8 AWG stranded
Voltage 1 kV