Silicone Rubber, Wire & Brush Electrodes for Holiday Detectors by Tinker & Rasor

These Electrodes Provide a Clean, Safe, Flexible Inspection Contact for Coated Surfaces.
Silicone Rubber Electrode
There has been a great need for an electrically conductive electrode with a flexible edge which can maintain total and intimate contact with coated surfaces. The new Tinker & Rasor Silicone Rubber Electrode is such a tool. Its relatively thin edge conforms to surface irregularities without losing contact. It is soft enough so that it will not scratch or mar fine painted surfaces, and so can be used on enameled or lacquered surfaces.
The specially molded and compounded material will wear almost indefinitely. It will retain its shape and conductivity in temperatures from -20oF to 450oF and will not become brittle or soft. It will not "wet" in hot coating material and will remain clean at all times. It is recommended for use with all types of holiday detectors using high voltage electrical energy. Each Silicone rubber electrode is molded and mechanically bound to a metal plate. The Silicone Rubber Electrode is available from stock in sizes from 2" to 36".
Internally Conductive Silicone Rubber Brush Electrode
The Internally Conductive Silicone Rubber Brush Electrode is recommended for use in locating holidays on coated surfaces inside pipes using a round Silicone Brush electrode sandwiched by aluminum plates for stability and attached with fittings to your specifications. See the renderings for the type of application you would prefer. Please specify type and precise inside diameter of pipe when ordering.

Wire Brush Electrode

The Tinker & Rasor Wire Brush Electrode is used more in the field where you have extreme irregularities on the surfaces. This specially made electrode works perfectly around pipe fittings, joints and deep crevices. All electrodes are available in a full range of sizes and are quickly attached to a wand handle. The Wire Brush Electrode is available from stock in sizes from 2" to 36" in 2" increments.