Silver-Silver Chloride Reference Electrode Kits by M.C. Miller

For Use in Seawater, Brackish Water or Similar Environments

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Silver Chloride Electrode Kits
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Seawater Kit, Silver Chloride Electrode, by M.C. Miller
Model #13150 Silver Chloride Electrode Land Kit by M.C. Miller
  • Combination Kit contains 8-foot submersible adapter with longer lengths available.
  • The Ag / AgCl electrode is an ideal reference electrode for high chloride content applications

  • Sea Water
  • Tidal Basin
  • Marsh Land
  • Concrete

Model Ag / AgCl
Sea Water Kit # 13100

The sea water Kit is used in conjunction with an M. C. Miller Co., Inc. submersible adapter to measure the cathodic protection potentials. The sea water in which the electrode is immersed is the electrolyte. The Seawater electrode (half-cell) potential is a function of the salinity of the electrolyte into which the electrode is immersed. Please see "A Guide to Understanding Reference Electrode Readings".

Model Ag / AgCl
Land Kit # 13150

The Land Kit is supplied with a standard filling solution (3.5 M KCl), which acts as the electrolyte. This is a known electrolyte which can be used where the salinity of the sea water is unknown, as in brackish, fresh water / sea inlets. This is ideally suited for areas where chlorides would contaminate the Standard copper sulfate electrode. These areas would include concrete bridge decks (de-icing salts), swamps and marsh lands.

Ag / Ag / Cl / Sea Water Cu / CuSO4

Sea Water
20 Ohm-cm
Brackish Water
100 Ohm-cm
Brackish Water
500 Ohm-cm
Cu / CuSO4 0.85 V 0.85 V 0.85 V
Ag / AgCl 0.79 V 0.83 V 0.88 V


Standard Potentials to Hydrogen

Temperature 10oC 25oC 35oC
Ag / AgCl / KCl 0.1 M 289 mV 288 mV 278 mV
Ag / AgCl / KCl 1.0 M 231 mV 222 mV 216 mV
Ag / AgCl / KCl 3.5 M 215 mV 205 mV 197 mV
Ag / AgCl / KCl saturated 214 mV 199 mV 189 mV
Cu / CuSO4 / CuSO4 saturated 330 mV 316 mV 303 mV


Reference Electrode Instructions