Staperm Thru-Hull Reference Electrodes by GMC

Available in Copper-Copper Sulfate, Zinc-Zinc Sulfate, &Silver-Silver Chloride

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GMC STAPERM Permanent Thru-Hull Reference Electrodes
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Staperm Model AG-6-TH Thru-Hull Stationary Reference Electrode by GMC
Staperm Model CU-6-TH Thru-Hull Stationary Reference Electrode by GMC
Staperm MOdel ZN-6-TH Thru-Hull Stationary Reference Electrode by GMC


The GMC STAPERM™ thru-hull mounting assembly is designed to provide easy installation of special submersible STAPERM™ reference electrodes. Each electrode comes complete with a test lead junction box, electrode sealing system and 3/4" NPT threaded fitting for mounting directly through the structure wall. The electrode can be readily removed and reinstalled from the exterior of the vessel (not under pressure).


  • Minimum 20-year service life
  • 1/2" x 6" long Teflon tube mounted in high pressure packing gland 
    with 3/4 NPT.
  • Pressure Rating 350 PSI
  • Stability +/- 5 millivolts with 3.0 microamp load
  • Temperature limit 140°F


Copper Copper Sulfate CU-6-TH

Zinc Zinc Sulfate ZN-6-TH 

Silver Silver Chloride AG-6-TH