Survey Meter Tray, Model SMT-100 by Farwest

Wired and ready to accept data collector/meter or test/data probes.


  • Light-weight.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Provides a stable platform for data collector
    along with survey test probe ports.
  • Straps are adjustable to fit any surveyor.
  • Can be used with HS-100 Harness System.


11 ½ inches long and 6 ½ inches wide and shaped to fit most data collectors.


2 lbs.

Meter Tray

Light-weight UHMW high dielectric plastic survey tray with stainless steal corner connector rings.


SECO type data collector cradle assembly.

Splitter Box

Constructed of high-impact strength polystyrene plastic mounted to the underneath of the survey meter tray.


Neck strap is heavily padded and includes nylon lined neck pad to wick away perspiration. The neck strap hooks to the survey meter tray front connector rings.

Rear meter tray straps hook to the neck strap with quick disconnects which have a non-slip grip. The rear meter tray straps connect to the meter tray back connector rings.

Waist straps are used to stabilize the survey meter tray and hook to the back connector rings of the survey meter tray and to the survey pack waist band or the surveyor’s belt loops.

Strap Connections

The neck strap and waist straps used a stainless steal trigger snap for quick connect and disconnect with survey meter tray’s corner connector rings.


The survey meter tray is fully wired and ready to use. Survey test/data probes can be connected to the splitter box’s 3-pin female plugs (right probe to the right plug and left probe to the left plug). Data lead wire with 3-Pin jack connects to the data collector/meter remote trigger port.