Syntho-Glass XT XtremeStrength Fiberglass Composite System By NRI

A pre-impregnated, bi-directional fiberglass composite pipe repair system with 2X conventional strength. Repairs corrosion damage without shutdown.

Product Information

Syntho-Glass® XT is a unique pre-impregnated, bi-directional fiberglass composite pipe repair system used to repair and reinforce both internal and external corrosion damage without expensive and time consuming shutdowns. This cost-effected pipe repair solution:

  • Eliminates field mixing and wetting of the composite system to ensure proper fiber to resin content ratios that are crucial to reliable performance.

  • Combines simplicity with flexibility to permit application to irregular shapes and geometries thereby reducing parts inventory.

  • Incorporates proprietary load transfer and bonding technology results in a high tensile wrap capable of repairing pipes and pipelines beyond their original bursting strength.

Advanced XTremeStrength design reduces installation expense by reducing the layers of composite and minimizing installation time and costs.

Syntho-Glass® XT provides a wide range of value-added benefits in addition to superior strength.

  • Reduces composite preparation time by over 50% using water activated urethane resin.

  • Doubles maximum pressure retention capability with 50% increase in hoop tensile strength.

  • Eliminates electrolytic corrosion associated with carbon fiber repair systems.

  • Installs in wet or submerged environments, ensuring ease of application in virtually any situation.

  • No VOC's minimizes potential safety hazards while making the entire installation user friendly.

  • Full factory engineering consultation and support ensuring safety and successful repairs.

  • Conforms to ASME PCC-2, DOT and API570 ensuring product application integrity.


The Syntho-Glass® XT Composite System is designed for the most demanding industrial repair and remediation applications including:

  • Transmission & distribution pipelines

  • Gathering lines

  • Oil & gas risers

  • Girth welds on vessels & pipelines

  • Elbows, tees and flanges

  • High pressure injection lines

  • Process piping - chemicals, oil, gases, water, steam

Preparation & Application



Surface Preparation

  Promote adhesion by removing pipe coating, rust, paint and other foreign matter in accordance with Sa 2.5, NACE 2 or white metal.


Syntho-Steel® Load Transfer Putty

  Syntho-Steel putty fills all pits, dents and other anomalies effectively transferring the hoop load to the high tensile strength composite.


Syntho-Subsea High Compression

  Kevlar filled Subsea epoxy ensures a water-tight seal over the repair area while providing chemical resistance.


Syntho-Glass®XT Extreme Tensile Strength Composite

  The bi-directional fiberglass permanently repairs and reinforces both the internal & external corrosion damage.