Syntho-Shield Tape Wrapping Pipe & Pipeline Repair System By Neptune Research, Inc.

A two-component wrapping system with exceptional strength for corrosion protection in soil or below the water line.

Product Information

The Syntho-Shield™ system is comprised of two components, the Syntho-Glass® material for mechanical and corrosion abilities as well as a Petrolatum Tape undercoating for long term corrosion protection. Syntho-Shield™ is an innovative system that offers exceptional mechanical and impact strength for underwater, underground and above ground corrosion protection coating applications.

Typical Applications

Corrosion, Insulation, Sealing, and Waterproof Protection for:

  • Pipes, flanges, joints and valves for underwater, above and below ground.

  • Underwater pipelines and platform rig superstructures.

  • Concrete, steel and wooden pilings, in the splash zone, above and below water line.

  • Jetty, bridge and pier pilings, as well as, superstructure supports.

  • Oil, water and chemical pipelines for underwater, above and below ground.

  • Municipal water and wastewater treatment piping systems.

  • Industrial and institutional plant piping and duct systems


  • Resistant to temperature extremes.

  • Easy to apply, no mixing or messy clean up.

  • Resistant to water, acids, salts or soil organics.

  • Can be applied to wet surfaces and underwater.

  • Minimal surface preparation required.

  • Quick, long term protective coating, ready for immediate service.

  • Contains no solvents.

  • Meets AWWA C217 Standard.

System Includes

  • Syntho-Glass® in a sealed foil pouch

  • Petrolatum Tape

  • Gloves

Testing & Data Results

Cathodic Disbondment

Radius of Cathodic Disbondment

2TC sample cured in air
J3TC sample cured in air
J4SC sample cured in salt water
J6SC sample cured in salt water

4-5 mm
4-5 mm

Impact Resistance for No Penetration to Substrate

Impact Force

J1T sample
J5S sample

217 ft-lbs
303 ft-lbs

Abrasion Resistance

Penetration Rate, mils/sec

J5S sample cured in salt water
J2T sample cured in air
J6SW sample cured in salt water, 6 months water soak
J1TW sample cured in air, 6 months water soak
J4SC cured in salt water, 6 months cathodic protection
J3TC sample cured in air, 6 months cathodic protection
Mean of all samples


Hot Water Immersion

All samples showed no corrosion under coating system

Preparation & Application

1. Clean off all loose scale, rust and other foreign objects.

2. Apply the Petrolatum Tape, a 50% overlap is recommended. Wrap tightly, firmly press and smooth all lap seams. Remove any air pockets, by molding with your hands, in the direction of the wrap.

3.Using the rubber gloves supplied, remove Syntho-Glass® from the hermetically sealed foil pouch and soak in temperate water, salt or fresh, for 20-30 seconds. If the application is under water, do not open the foil pouch of Syntho-Glass® until ready to begin installation.

4.Remove Syntho-Glass® from the bag and begin wrapping tightly. A 50% overlap is recommended. Squeeze and mold the Syntho-Glass® with your hands, in the direction of the warp, removing excess water and spreading resin until tacky.

5.Note: For best results, a UV protective paint coating is suggested on applications where Syntho-Shield™ is exposed to the sun. Applications on high impact zones, such as pier pilings and splash zone coatings, require 8 layers of Syntho-Glass® for maximum strength.