Aluminum Tape by Tapecoat

Tapecoat Aluminum Tape is an ideal protective coating where abrasion and leak resistance is required.


TC Aluminum Tape provides an economical repair for damaged trailer roofs and sides. Semi-trailers are continually subjected to vibrations. stress, and mechanical damage, often resulting in stress cracks, tears, punctures, and loosened seams. This damage often happens when the trailer is far from a repair facility or during inclement weather.

TC Aluminum Tape's aggressive adhesive and ease of application represents a significant improvement over other brands. This tough aluminum backed tape is designed as a permanent or temporary repair for metal surfaces. TC Aluminum Tape is ideal protective coating when abrasion and leak resistance is required. 


Cut tape to desired lengths and shapes. Remove the release liner to expose the adhesive coating. Press tape firmly to surface to obtain conformability and adhesion.

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean and dry. Moisture, dust, dirt, rust or other foreign matter should be removed. Remove oil and grease, ect. with suitable detergent.


TC Aluminum Tape comprises of an aluminum metal backing with a synthetic elastomeric pressure sensitive coating. The adhesive coating is protected by a thin release liner which is removed prior to application.

Technical Data

Service temp: -30 to 120°F (-35 to 49°C)

Application temp: Above -10°F (-23°C)

Total thickness: 20 mils (0.51 mm)

Adhesion: >7 width (to unprimed alum)

Flexibility: 0.5" radius @ -20°F: No cracking.

Tensile strength: >1000 psi

Weathering: Excellent resistance to wind and rain erosion and ultra violet rays.