TC Envirotape 300 HT Wax Tape by Tapecoat

The Wax Tape with 300 °F Operational Temperature Wet, Dry or Submerged Coating Application.


TC Envirotape is a 70 mil wax coating system with an exclusive formulation designed to provide protection against corrosion and electrolysis on wet or dry metal substrates with a maximum operational temperature range of 300°F (149°C)

Using a select blend of petrolatum and microcrystalline waxes provides this wax coating system with its exceptional high temperature capabilities,

TC Envirotape is a highly moldable protective coating that will easily conform to irregular contours and difficult to coat structures. 

Environmental friendly and safe to use, TC Envirotape is Ideal for coating fittings, flanges, valves, mechanical couplings, vault piping and other complex configurations.


PRIME - Apply TC ENVIROPRIME by hand (glove) or mechanical means to achieve a 2 to 4 mils thickness. 

TAPE  - Apply TC ENVIROTAPE using either the spiral or cigarette method. A 50% overlap is preferred, though a minimum overlap 1” or 20 per cent of the tape width, which ever is greater is acceptable when conditions allow. Hand smooth and seal overlaps. 

COATING OVERWRAP - TC ENVIRO-STRETCHWRAP– a 1-mil plastic outer wrap to be applied over TC ENVIROTAPE prior to below grade backfill. Other overwrap options are available. (Refer to coating specifications for more detailed application instructions.)  

Standards and Practices - ANSI/AWWA C217-09 Petrolatum and Petroleum Wax Tape Coatings for the Exterior of Connections and Fittings for Steel Water Pipelines


Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean. Remove all loose or non-bonded material, rust scale, dirt, burrs, and sharp edges. Remove excess moisture whenever practical. 

Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) 

SP-2 Hand Tool Cleaning 
SP-3 Power Tool Cleaning



TC ENVIROTAPE - (color-brown) a 70 mil petrolatum / microcrystalline wax blend saturated fiber tape. TC ENVIROPRIME the companion primer for the coating system. 

Technical Data

System Desciption
Color Brown
Wax Tape Non Toxic Blend 
Bonding System Wax Encapsulation
Max Operating Temp  300˚F ( 149°C)
Compatible Primer TC ENVIROPRIME



Material Properties Test Results Test Method
Dielectric Strength volts/mil 170 minimum ASTM D-149 
Thickness mils (mm) 70 (1.8) minimum ASTM D-1000 
Breaking Strength lb/in (N/cm)  22.5 (39.4) minimum ASTM D-1000 
Water Vapor Transmission perms (mg/[Pa.s.m2]) 0.25 (1.44) maximum  ASTM E-96
Saturant Drop Melt Point 250 (121) minimum ASTM D-127
Saturant Cone Penetration 100g weight, 5 sec, @ 77oF(25oC) in (mm)  .24-.50 (6.1-12.7)  ASTM D-937

Case Packaging

Coating Material 50 Square Feet per Case 

Case Weight 20 LBS

Quantity Per Case
2” X 25’  12
4” X 25’ 6
6” X 25’ 4