TC Mastic by Tapecoat

TC Brush Applied MASTIC is a thixotropic brush applied coal tar coating for ambient temperature, below grade application.


TC Brush Applied MASTIC is a thixotropic brush applied coal tar coating for ambient temperature, below grade application. A time proven coating method for applying corrosion protection to metal fittings, flanges, valves, tanks, mechanical couplings, anode connections and other difficult and irregular configurations, excellent for small hole technology. 

It is also designed to protect concrete surfaces from adverse environments. TC Brush Applied MASTIC is easy to apply by brush or rubber glove. As a liquid it is highly conformable and resists drips and sags.

The more it is brushed the more flowable it becomes.


Recommended Application Apply two coats of mastic at12 mils each. The mastic should be brushed or worked with a rubber glove to allow the solvents to release. Work in a well ventilated area. Recommended eight hours as a minimum time until backfill. 

Option: TC Reinforcing Scrim, a polyethylene wrap, can be applied over the mastic or between mastic layers, giving the coating added strength and impact resistance and acting as a secondary barrier if the mastic has not completely hardened prior to backfill. 


Surface Preparation

Prior to coating application the surface should be clean, dry, free of oil, grease, rust, scale and loose coating.


LOW VOC, Rating 327g/l, Solids 51.47% Meets or exceeds the VOC regulations for all states excluding California and parts of Arizona. 

RESISTANT TO A WIDE VARIEITY OF CHEMICALS TC Mastic is ideal protecting many areas that are exposed to chemical spills, fumes and splash zones. (Consult the Chemical Resistance Chart) 

Technical Data

System Desciption
Color Black
Material Coal Tar and Solvents
Bonding System Colvent Drying
VOC Rating
Volatile Organic Compounds
327 g/l, Solids 51.4%



Chemical Resistance Chart
Acetic Acid 5% Ammonium Hydroxide 10% Ammonium Nitrate 2%
Citric Acid  10% Potassium Hydroxide 2% Ammonium Nitrate 10%
Hydrochloric Acid 2% Potassium Hydroxide 10% Chlorine Water  
Hydrochloric Acid 10% Potassium Hydroxide 50% Salt Water  
Hydrochloric Acid 40% Sodium Hydroxide 2% Diethanoiamine  
Lactic Acid 85% Sodium Hydroxide 10% Ferric Chloride  
Linseed Oil Fatty Acid   Sodium Hydroxide 50% Gasoline  
Nitric Acid 2%     Glycerin  
Nitric Acid 10%     Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Nitric Acid 70% SOLVENTS    Jet Fuel JP-4  
Phosphoric Acid 2% Butanol   Motor Oil  
Phosphoric Acid 10% Ethanol   Phenol  
Phosphoric Acid 85% Mineral Spirits   Sodium Chloride 10%
Sulfamic Acid 1% VM&P Naptha   Sodium Chloride 20%


Case Packaging

Coating Material 
Coverage (Approx.) 80 square Feet per Gallon

Quantity Per Case
One Gallon 4 Units
Five Gallon Pail 1 Unit