TC 7000 Epoxy by Tapecoat

Two corrosion protection applications in one product: primer and coating.

Available in:

1-Pint Kits, 4 per case

1-Quart Kits, 2 per case

1-Gallon Kits, 2 per case


Tapecoat TC 7000 High-Temperature Epoxy is a surface tolerant two-component 100% solids material that replaces VOC base primers. It is manufactured to be used as a one-coat wet or dry primer with Tapecoat hot and cold applied tapes. 

TC 7000 can also be applied as a stand-alone coating for metal surfaces above or below ground, where it provides superior corrosion protection and exceptional flow characteristics with self-leveling attributes.

  • Use as a single coat primer prior to wrapping with Tapecoat hot or cold applied tapes.
  • Use as a stand-alone coating on metal surfaces. For added impact and abrasion resistance, use TC reinforcing scrim.


Technical Data



Pot Life

15 to 20 minutes @ 70°F (21°C) and 50% relative humidity (R.H.)



Mix Ratio

3.54:1 by volume

Red Label

Not required


MSDS for Tapecoat TC 7000


Surface must be clean and dry. Commercial blast to SSPC-SP6. Remove oil and grease with a suitable solvent. Salt and other contaminants may be removed by high-pressure fresh water cleaning.

Pour entire contents of Part B Curing Agent (small container) into Part A Resin (large container)/ Mix thoroughly for approximately  3 to 5 minutes. Do not alter the amounts of A and B in the mixture.

Apply epoxy by brush, pad, roller or spray. Primer should be dry to touch before applying Tapecoat hot-applied tapes or sleeves.

Tapecoat rpolyethyleneeinforcing scrim can be applied over wet epoxy to add reinforcement and impact resistance. After the scrim has been applied, apply a second coat of TC 7000 Epoxy.

Application Parameters


Use only when the surface to be coated is above 40°F (4°C) and the relative humidity (R.H.) is less than 90%.

Application Temperature

40°F-200°F (4°C-93°C). Surface temperature must be 5°F (3°C) above dew point to avoid condensation. 

Cure Time

60 to 90 Minutes at 70°F - 80°F (21°C-27°C) and 50% R.H. Cure time can be accelerated by preheating the metal surface to 100°-200°F (38°-93°C).

Recommended Coverage 

As a 1-Coat Primer: 6-10 mils thickness, with a coverage of 220 sq. ft. per mixed gallon (5.4 m2 per liter). 
As a 2-Coat Stand-alone Coating with Scrim: 16-30 mils (0.41-0.76 mm) thickness. This is 2 coats of 8-15 mils (0.20-0.38 mm) each).


Container Size

Coverage as a 1-coat primer at 6 mils

Coverage as a 2-coat coating 
at 12 mils

Pint can base (Part A) and 1/2 pint can cure
(Part B), total mixed volume: 1.5 Pints.

45 sq. ft.

22.5 sq. ft.

Quart can base (Part A) and Pint can cure
(Part B), total mixed volume: 1.5 qt.

90 sq. ft.

 45 sq. ft.

Gallon can base (Part A) and 2 qt. cans cure
(Part B), total mixed volume: 1.5 Gallons.

360 sq. ft.

180 sq. ft.