TR Green by Tapecoat

Tapecoat TR Green provides a protective coating with cohesive strength and durability that conforms well to irregular shapes.


Tapecoat TR Green is 35 mil, cold applied coating designed to provide protection against corrosion and electrolysis on below grade metal substrates. Combined with strong, flexible film backing, Tapecoat TR Green provides a protective coating with cohesive strength and durability that conforms well to irregular shapes. 

Tapecoat TR Green has an integrated primer; the primer is in the adhesive. This exclusive formulation allows for faster application as there is no need to apply a separate primer when application temperatures are above 40°F. The Tapecoat TR Green coating system is VOC free when applied without a primer. When used with Tapecoat Omniprime the coating system will meet even the strictest environmental laws.

Recommended Use

The flexible backing makes it a good coating for hand wrapping. Appropriate for coating and reconditioning small to moderate diameter pipe, bends, tees and metal structures, as a single component coating below grade. 

Substrate Compatibility

Steel, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, other metals, FBE, PE, PP

Surface Preparation

SSPC SP-2 Hand Tool Cleaning, SSPC SP-3 Power Tool Cleaning or SSPC SP-6/NACE No. 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning

Optional Primer

Tapecoat TR Green has an integrated primer to allow for quick, easy and permanent adhesion. When required by the job specification or when application temperatures are below 40°F, a 4 mil WFT of Tapecoat Omniprime may be applied to the pipe surface to ensure the required bond.


Tapecoat TR Green meet all of the performance criteria listed in the most recent revisions of: 

  • NACE SP0109 (Cold-Applied Laminate Polymeric Tapes) 
  • ANSI/AWWA C209 (Type II)


Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS-TC-GRAY


Refer to Application Guidelines: AG-COLD-APPLIED-ELASTOMERIC-TAPE 

Technical Data

Property US Customary Metric Test Method
Total Thickness 35 mils 0.89 mm ASTM D1000
Backing Thickness 7 mils 0.18 mm ASTM D1000
Adhesive Thickness 28 mils 0.71 mm ASTM D1000
Cathodic Disbondment, 30 days  <0.4 in² (No Primer) <10 mm radial
(No Primer) 
Adhesion to Primed Steel 10 lbf/in  1.75 N/mm  ASTM D1000 
Tensile Strength 14 lbf/in  2.45 N/mm ASTM D1000 
Elongation 800% 800% ASTM D1000 
Dielectric Strength Exceeds 12 kV  Exceeds 12 kV ASTM D149
Holiday Detection Setting 7400 V 7400 V NACE RP0274
Impact Resistance 20 in lb (double wrap) 2.3 J (double wrap) ASTM G14
Water Vapor Transmission Rate  <0.05 g/(24h*100 in²)  <0.003 g/(h*m2) ASTM E96
Procedure B
Water Absorption <0.2% <0.2% ASTM D570
Leachable Chlorides None None  
Service Temperature Range -20°F to +125°F -29°C to +52°C  

Ordering Information

Roll Size Rolls Per Case
2” x 50’ 24
4” x 50’  12
6” x 50’  8


Case Packaging: 1.0 SQ (100 ft2) per case 

Case Weight: 28 lbs