Elecsys Watchdog TrackerCR

Install the Watchdog Tracker CR to automatically keep track of AC interference corrosion risk. That way, you can stay ahead of problems. The Watchdog Tracker CR measures corrosion rate with a custom-built probe, along with pipeline potentials and current densities, all at a regular rate. These readings get archived in the Watchdog Tracker CR’s built-in data logger, and are wirelessly forwarded to Elecsys Connect where they can be checked from any web-enabled device.


The Tracker CR is the latest in our popular Tracker family of test station monitoring products. The Tracker CR is designed to be the all-in-one solution for data acquisition and corrosion risk assessment in high AC interference areas. The Tracker CR measures, records, and transmits pipeline potentials, current densities, and corrosion rate values for compliance with the NACE SP21424 standard. Typical measurement intervals for standard compliance are taking voltage measurements and current density measurements hourly in order to account for the expected fluctuations occurring in AC interference. Like all of the Watchdog CP monitoring systems, the Tracker is designed and manufactured in the USA at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Olathe, Kansas. Take control and avoid the catastrophic structural damage that nearby electrical fields can cause. Maintain high integrity of your pipeline management program with the new Watchdog Tracker CR.


  • Corrosion Rate measurements using a custom-designed 1cmÇ ER probe
  • AC & DC current density measurements
  • On/Off potentials at coupon test stations
  • Turnkey system including monitor and ground probe
  • Cost-effective communication
  • Built-in data logger
  • Elecsys Connect web-interface


Corrosion rate monitoring

AC interference can do serious corrosion damage to pipelines. The Watchdog Tracker CR monitors that corrosion rate, alerts you when things change, and keeps you in control. It’s the best way to know how well your corrosion mitigation system is working. That way, you stay ahead of AC interference problems before they ever happen.



Remote monitoring

Stay on top of pipeline voltage and density monitoring wherever you go. The Watchdog Tracker CR sends alarm notifications automatically, which you can see from any web-enabled device. You’ll have corrosion risk under control before it ever becomes an issue and you can do it without traveling to a test station.


User-friendly interface

Access Watchdog Tracker CR data and notifications with Elecsys Connect on the web or on-the-go; our robust interface with customizable alerts is designed specifically around your needs. It makes corrosion risk monitoring easier, clearer, and much more intuitive. 



Built-in data logging

The Watchdog Tracker CR features a built-in data-logging system, which you can use for long-term analysis and better overall management.




Customer support

Our robust support team is always within reach. Experts are available to help you work with the Watchdog Tracker CR, answer questions, and troubleshoot any issues.



Part Number

Verizon CAT-M modem: TR-CR-N7

ATT LTE-M modem: TR-CR-N8

IDP satellite telemetry: TR-CR-S3

Input Connections

Structure 1 (pipeline)

Structure 2 (second pipeline or “native” coupon)

Reference cell

“Protected” coupon

“AC” coupon

(Note: The Tracker CR enables AC and DC current density measurements to be recorded using a

common coupon, or separate coupons depending on the requirements for compliance determined

by the operator.)

Shunt/CT coil +

Shunt/CT coil –

Custom ER probe


DC potential (structure 1 to reference)

-10V to +10V


AC potential (structure 1 to reference)

0 – 35V rms


DC Potential (structure 2 or native to reference)

-10V to +10V


AC potential (structure 2 or native to reference)

0 – 35V rms


Protected coupon “instant off” (coupon to ref.)

-10V to +10V


AC current density (structure 1 to coupon drain)*

0 – 500 mA rms


DC protection current density (structure 1 to coupon)

-100mA to +100mA


AC drain current (voltage across external CT coil)

0 – 500 mV rms


DC bond shunt current (across external shunt)

-150mV to +150mV


Corrosion Rate

Probe element thickness



Embedded SD - >15 years of samples at 1 minute sample rates. Sample frequency up to every 1 minute


Lithium battery (3 to 5 year life under normal conditions and operating parameters) Connection for external power: 6.5 to 18 VDC (nominally 12V solar). Solar panels or power system not supplied by Elecsys

Operating Environment

Temperature: -30°C to +70°

Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing

Enclosure: NEMA 4X polycarbonate


14” (356mm) x 3.375” (85.8mm) x 3.125” (79.4mm)


Built-in mounting tabs for mounting to standard PVC riser

7’ (2.1m) color coded connection cable