UltraBox™ Premier Modular Junction Box by Dairyland

Dairyland now offers a completely new patented approach to cathodic protection junction boxes with the introduction of the UltraBox – a modular design that addresses junction box shortcomings that have frustrated users for decades. CP junction boxes are used throughout the cathodic protection world to connect rectifiers, pipelines, tanks, anodes, and test wires to manage and measure CP current, and facilitate potential readings in some cases. Housing shunts, resistors, and isolated measurement terminals, these boxes are very basic in principle, and the industry design hasn’t ever changed – until now.

The patented, customizable UltraBox modular junction boxes from Dairyland feature easy access and the ability to add, remove, or reposition components at any time, unlike existing designs using shunts or resistors fixed to a backplane. Featuring moveable DIN rail mounting systems and snap-in modules with industry standard shunts and resistors, users have complete control over the present configuration and future expansion of their product.

Whether configuring an anode junction box, interference bond, rectifier output box, positive/negative splitter, or an enhanced test station box, a solution can be quickly packaged and shipped with the optimum configuration, using standard enclosures and stocked modules containing the most common shunts, resistors, and terminals.

Features & Characteristics

  • Lightweight polycarbonate and stainless steel lockable enclosures
  • Adjustable DIN rail mounting system
  • Secure snap-in modules allow quick addition, removal, or repositioning
  • All connections directly accessible
  • Corrosion-resistant metallic components
  • Unique linking header system for shunt connections
  • Enhanced rib-wound resistor design with improved capability
Enclosure Options
Material Size Rail Qty and Orientations
Polycarbonate 14x12x7” 1H, 1V
Polycarbonate 18x16x10” 1H, 1V, 2H, 2V
Polycarbonate 24x24x10” 1H, 1V, 2H, 2V
Stainless steel 304 18x16x10” 1H, 1V, 2H, 2V
Stainless steel 304 24x24x10” 1H, 1V, 2H, 2V, 4V


  • Polycarbonate Enclosure Details:
    • Max Long Term Operating Temp: -40°C to +80°C
    • Ingress Protection: NEMA 4X & IP66


  • Stainless steel 304 Enclosure Details:
    • Max Long Term Operating Temp -40°C to +120°C (+140°C without 8-position terminal module)
    • Ingress Protection: NEMA 3R


  • Modules
    • Single Shunt Modules - Available for SW, SS, SO, JB, RS types
    • Double Shunt Modules - Available for SW, SS, SO, JB, RS types
    • Single Resistor Modules – Available in 90W, 175W, 220W and 300W
    • Double Resistor Modules – Available in 90W
    • Terminal Modules - Available in standard 4 position and 8 position terminal modules
(Size: 4.68 MB)
(Size: 1.06 MB)