Viscotaq Coating Patch

Coating for Exothermic Welds/Pin Braze Connections, Holidays & more


VISCOTAQ® Coating Patch can be applied with minimal surface preparation, does not require a primer, forms to virtually any shape, works well with theexisting pipe coating regardless of type; and provides proven, long-corrosion protection. VISCOTAQ® Coating Patch is a peel & stick product designed to provide corrosion protection to areas where lead wires and test wires are connected to the substrate by means of exothermic welds and/or pin brazes. 

VISCOTAQ® is a non-crystalline, a-polar viscous elastic, 100% solids polyolefin coating that protects against corrosion of underground and aboveground substrates. VISCOTAQ’S® unique molecular chemistry provides permanent wetting characteristics. This allows the material to flow into the substrate anomalies and form an impermeable protective coating. The fact that VISCOTAQ® always remains in a semi-solid state translates to high impact strength and excellent high resistance against sheering. 

Exothermic welds that connect lead wires, copper strips, etc. to the pipe, create problematic areas. Welding destroys existing protective systems, thereby subjecting the welded area to immediate corrosive attack. VISCOTAQ® Coating Patch can be an easy and fast protective solution. Coating Patch can be applied with minimal surface preparation, does not require a primer, forms to virtually any shape and provides proven, long- term corrosion protection. 

VISCOTAQ® shows excellent adhesion to any ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, wire jacketing as well as to underground and above ground coating systems. 

The VISCOTAQ® Coating Patch for Exothermic Weld Connections:

  • Abrasive Cleaning Pad- for surface preparation
  • Cleaning Wipe- to remove dust, dirt, grime and moisture on the substrate.
  • VISCOTAQ® Coating Patch- peel & stick for coating exothermic connection. 


Advantages of VISCOTAQ® Coating Patch for Exothermic Weld Connections:

  • Wide temperature range for application 
  • Impermeable to moisture and gases
  • Permanent wetting characteristics
  • NO primer needed 
  • SP2 surface preparation (wire brush)
  • 100% impermeable to water and oxygen
  • Extremely low cathodic disbondment values-zero cathodic disbondment (self-healing) according to ISO21809-3 
  • Self-healing characteristics
  • Inert material, no deterioration over time
  • Ability to fill voids and anomalies of substrate
  • Immediate adhesion to substrate
  • Failure-free application
  • Non-toxic, non-flamable
  • Non-carcinogenic, no VOC’s
  • Flexible and pliable
  • Never cracks or becomes brittle
  • Long-term protection
  • Molds and forms easily
  • A-polar and rejects water
  • No cure time
  • Cold applied
  • Freeze and thaw resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured under ISO9001


Value Method

Glass Transition Temperature 

-42.92° C/-45.26° F 

ASTM E1356-03 

Material State Solid NA


DIN 53479

Melting Point 152.09° C/306° F 
ASTM E1356-03
Yield Point YES

ISO 3219

Water Vapor Permeability

<4 *10-4 g/day/m2/Pa 

ASTM E96/96M-10
Water Absorption

<0,03 % 

ISO 62 

Water Penetration

<0.14% (1800 hrs, 6V, 3% NaCl) 

ASTM G9-87
Cathodic Disbondment

0-3 mm
Self healing 

ASTM G8-96
ISO 21809 

Dielectric Strenght

>17.5 kV/mm 

ASTM D149-09 

UV/Weather Cycle Test

Excellent, rating 10 

ASTM D4587, 1000 hours 

Wet Adhesion Test


CSA Z245-20-06 Sec. 12.14 

Chemical Resistance in Agressive Soils

No deterioration, 72 hours at 70° C/158° F
No corrosion, 72 hours at 70° C/158° F 

1. Sulfuric acid 30%
2. Nitric acid 10%
3. Fosforic acid 20%
4. Chloric acid 10%