Watchdog VIP-XT Remote Rectifier Monitory by Elecsys

Remote Monitoring for Extreme Environments. No Interruption Capabilities.


The Elecsys VIP-XT is the answer to the corrosion professional’s need for a simple, reliable and low-cost CP transformer/rectifier remote monitor.

The unit comes from the factory configured to measure transformer/ rectifier output volts, amps, pipe-to-soil potential, and AC mains detection. The unit is highly flexible, with four configurable analog inputs, one digital input, and the AC detection probe, allowing it to handle a wide variety of remote monitoring needs for pipelines, plants and refineries, oil and gas well sites, and distribution utilities.

Using field-proven lightning surge-resistant circuitry, the VIPxt system is the best choice for cost-effective transformer/rectifier monitoring on oil, gas and water pipelines, offshore platforms, well casings and piers.


  • Measure and report transformer/rectifier volts and amps in harsh desert and offshore conditions
  • Additional inputs for:
        - Pipe-to-soil potential
        - Multiple negative shunts
        - Intrusions alarm
        - Rectifier mains power failure


  • Automatic transformer/rectifier and CP test point readings 
  • Alarm and return-to-normal notifications via e-mail and SMS
  •  Lightning surge-resistant circuitry 
  • Inputs- 4 analog, 1 digital and 1 AC mains digital input 
  • Multiple communication options
  •  Modbus enabled, integrates with SCADA network 
  • Simple user interference via internet or customer server 
  • Local LCD display for on-site information
  •  AC mains on/off detection


 Part Number  Modbus: VIPXT-MB-W
 Satellite telemetry: WDF-VIP-SAT-XT 
 GSM cellular telemetry: WDF-VIP-GSM-XT
 Satellite telemetry: WDF-VIP-SAT-XT
 Size  13.4” (340 mm) X 14.9” (380 mm) X 7.5” (190 mm)
 Operating Environment   Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
 Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing
 Enclosure: NEMA 4X polycarbonate mounted in and IP68 enclosure- unit is dust and water tight
 Power Options  110/240/480 VAC single phase external power input. Internal high-energy lithium batteries function as backup batteries or 10-35 VDC, 3.5W nominal
 Input Connections    Channel 1-Rectifier voltage +/- 200 VDC (+/-1%)
 Channel 2-Rectifier current (amps) +/- 100mVDC (+/-1%)
 Channel 3-Pipe to soil potential +/- 10 VDC (>10 MΩ input impedance, +/-1%)
 AC probe-Detects rectifier AC mains input voltage electric field
 Dry-contact digital input for alarm or status reporting (intrusion alarm, valve position, etc.)
 Telemetry   Satellite telemetry: Inmarsat IsatM2M or Thuraya IP