Water Industry

The water industry and its importance to our communities is greater than ever.   Water is a precious commodity and the cost to deliver clean water increases each year.  Losses of water and water infrastructure continued to burden the industry and the need to protect important assets has never been greater.

Damage caused by corrosion to water pipelines, storage systems, treatment facilities and similar structures can be prevented through the proper applications of coatings and cathodic protection.  The water industry is becoming more proactive in this regard, but there are few regulations that demand the use of protection systems to preserve system infrastructure.

Farwest has served the water industry for over sixty years via the supply of cathodic protection and corrosion prevention products as well as installation and engineering services.  Customer needs and technical issues are rarely similar so our expertise for determining the right solution is where we excel and where our water customers find benefit and cost savings. 

For water storage tanks and reservoirs, Farwest offers a line of NSF 61 approved cathodic protection products.  These products include impressed current and sacrificial anodes as well as many cathodic protection accessory products.  Let us help you with the proper cathodic protection system solution to protect your submerged infrastructure.

Our reputation for integrity, service and quality makes Farwest a leader in corrosion prevention and we are known for providing the right product, the right solution and the right people.