Zerion AutoFog™ A-Series by Zerust Oil & Gas

Allows Corrosion Inhibition of Bare Metal Such as Pipes, Voids and Other Enclosed Spaces


Zerio AutoFog A-Series is a revolutionary Flash Corrosion Inhibitor (FCI) that diffuses in a matter of minutes to provide corrosion protection for bare metal surfaces. The rapid diffusing auto-fogging action allows corrosion inhibition of pipelines, voids and other enclosed spaces without the need for power sprays or fogging of powders.

  • Largest protection volume o f any diffuser in its class
  • Combination of FCI and phased release Zerust VCI's allows for long term protection of metal assets
  • Effective in the presence of acid gas contaminant
  • Diffusion rate of 1m every 30 minutes

The FCI action is especially important when welding shut voids and enclosed spaces where sweating due to trapped humidity inside the void can cause immediate corrosion.


Product Properties

  • PH: > 8-10 for 1% solution
  • Odor: Amine-like



  • Corrosion protection for voids and interstices that are impossible to protect with other methods
  • Easy-to-use diffuser system
  • No fogging equipment or labor required due to the rapid dissipating FCI action
  • Vapor action ensures uniform distribution even on enclosed metal surfaces
  • Protection from both flash and long-term corrosion for metal plates and welds with little/no surface preparation
  • Does not leave a residue on electrical contacts
  • VCIs offer non-permanent molecular layer protection that is safe and eco-friendly.


Zerion AutoFog is ideally suited for prevention of corrosion in large metal voids and enclosures. AutoFog is especially effective when these enclosures contain pipelines, interstices, recesses, etc. which are difficult or impossible to access. AutoFog is an inexpensive and easy-to-implement alternative to Nitrogen purging in most cases. Typical applications include:

  • Mothballing of process equipment: Boilers, sulfur recovery units, generators, turbines, heat exchangers, pipeline racks, etc.
  • Protection of sealed spaces: Floating roof tank pontoons, offshore platform legs, ship blocks, etc.


Product Use

Voids and Enclosed Spaces:
Zerion AutoFog diffusers can be placed inside a void or enclosure before it is welded shut or sealed. They can be fixed in place with a wire mesh basket. In certain applications the diffuser packaging may be slit and the Zerion powder poured into the void to provide protection.

Asset preservation:
The asset to be preserved should first be cleaned and then enclosed. The enclosure could be either a containment packaging of Zerust corrosion inhibiting film or an integral self-sealing piece of equipment. Zerion AutoFog diffusers are then placed inside a void or enclosure before it is sealed.

Product Sizes & Specifications

NameQuantity*Protection Volume 
(Vapor Space Only)
AutoFog A-05 1 Sachet 0.8M3
AutoFog A-10 2 Sachets 1.6M3
AutoFog A-50 10 Sachets 8M3


*Zerion AutoFog A-Series is light tan, off-white powder in a breathable sachet contained in an outer leakproof bag.

Duration of Protection

  • 10+ years of effective service life in hermetically sealed enclosures.
  • Note: If an enclosure is opened for inspection or maintenance, the AutoFog diffuser(s) may need to be replaced.


SO2 Acid Gas Test (4.5 ppm SO2)