Zerion Sol-V™ by Zerust Oil & Gas

Corrosion Prevention Action in Voids and Enclosures. Especially Where There is Stagnant Water and/or Accumulation of Water


Zerion Sol-V C-Series provides powerful corrosion prevention action in voids and enclosures especially when there is either stagnant water, or the potential for water seepage and/or accumulation of water over time.

  • Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) and Flash Corrosion Inhibitors (FCIs) work to protect bare metal in the vapor spaces of voids or enclosures.
  • Sol-V proprietary blend of Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs) that dissolve in the water and neutralize corrosive elements.

Zerion Sol-V's revolutionary new packaging allows the VCIs to release while conserving the SCIs until water enters the system. In the presence of water, the packaging dissolves and releases the SCI. This feature gives users a simple way of using the product minimizing risks associated with unpacked powders.

Sol-V is effective in acid gas environments, will work in both fresh water and sea water situations, and does not contain phosphates.

Product Properties

  • pH: > 8-10 for 1% solution
  • Odor: Amine-like



  • Easy-to-use diffuser system
  • Protection from both flash and long-term corrosion of metal plates and welds with little/no surface preparation
  • No fogging equipment or labor required due to the rapid dissipating FCI action
  • Corrosion protection for voids and interstices that are impossible to protect with other methods
  • Soluble components mitigate corrosion due to stagnant or seepage water
  • Vapor action ensures uniform distribution of a non-permanent molecular layer of protection over enclosed metal surfaces.


Zerion Sol-V works best in environments where the time, volume and composition of water entering the system is unpredictable. Typical applications include offshore platform leg voids, vessels and tanks mothballed in tropical environments, ship blocks being fabricated in areas of high humidity, piping systems, heat exchangers, etc.

Product Use

Voids and Enclosed Spaces:
The Zerion Sol-V diffusers can be distributed inside a void or enclosure before it is welded shut or sealed. In certain applications the diffuser packaging may be slit and the Zerion powder poured into the void to provide protection.

Product Sizes & Specifications

NameSize*Protection Volume
(150 ppm Cl-)
Sea Water
(3.5% of Cl-)
100g Sachet 2m3 8.3 X 10-2m3 3.5 X 10-4m3
2,500g Bag
37.5m3 2.1m3 8.7 X 10-3m3
10,000g Bag
150m3 8.3m3 3.5 X 10-2m3


*Zerion Sol-V C-Series is light tan, off-white powder in a soluble bag contained in a protective leak proof outer bag.

Duration of Protection

Once the Zerion Sol-V technology is introduced into a void or enclosed space, it will provide effective protection for 10+ years as long as the enclosure is hermetically sealed and the amount of water in the system is within the defined parameters.


SO2 Acid Gas Test (4.5 ppm SO2)

Without Zerion SOL-V With Serion SOL-V
Steel wool in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution in D.I. water (12 hours into testing
Without Zerion Sol-V With Zerion Sol-V


Steel wool in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution in D.I. water (13 days into testing)

Without Zerion Sol-V With Zerion Sol-V