ActivPak Diffusers by Zerust

VCI Packets to Protect Interior Surfaces of Your Shipment. Not for Use with Copper or Brass.


Zerust ActivPak packets are easy-to-use diffusers that provide targeted corrosion protection. They work in minutes to prevent flash corrosion on bare metal surfaces in an enclosed space. ActivPak packets provide long-term corrosion protection for ferrous metals and are compatible with aluminum.

*Do not place in direct contact with copper or brass 


Product Name
Normal Environment* Aggressive Environment*
Volume of Protection Duration of Protection
(up to)
Volume of Protection

Duration of Protection 
(up to)

ActivTab (LS)-25 0.25 ft3 (0.0074 m3) 6 months 0.025 ft3 (0.0007 m3) 15 days
ActivCapsule FAC1-1s 4 ft3 (0.12 m3) 1 year 0.35 ft3 (0.01 m3) 1 month
ActivPak (LS)-T330 5 ft3 (0.15 m3) 1 year 2 ft3 (0.05 m3) 2 months
ActivPak(LS)-33 16 ft3 (0.45 m3) 1 year 5 ft3 (0.15 m3) 2 months
ActivPak(LS)-T350 26 ft3 (0.75 m3) 1 year 7 ft3 (0.2 m3) 2 months
ActivPak(LS)-35 35 ft3 (1 m3) 1 year 11 ft3 (0.2 m3) 2 months
ActivPak-T330 5 ft3 (0.15 m3) 2 years 2 ft3 (0.05 m3) 4 months
ActivPak-33 16 ft3 (0.45 m3) 2 years 5 ft3 (0.15 m3) 4 months
ActivPak-T350 26 ft3 (0.75 m3) 2 years 7 ft3 (0.2 m3) 4 months
ActivPak-35 35 ft3 (1 m3) 2 years 11 ft3 (0.3 m3) 4 months


Sold individually bagged in cases of 10, 50, 100, and multiples of 100.

Protection Type: 
Ferrous metal protection and some types of aluminum. Do not place in direct contact with copper or brass and test before use.

Protection Life: 
Will protect metals for 2 years when positioned properly in an enclosure. Limit air exchange within the enclosure to maximize the protection life.

How To Use In Shipment And Storage

1. Determine the correct number of ActivPak packets needed to protect intended space. Do not overload protection.

2. Remove from plastic packaging, but do not puncture product sachet. Punctured sachets may result in a dust hazard.

3. Place packet nearest to the center of the space as possible. If using multiple packets, distribute them evenly. Direct contact with ferrous metals is ok. Do not place in direct contact with yellow metals (brass, copper, zinc).

4. Seal package or enclosure to contain vapor corrosion inhibitors inside.

Lab Test Results

Seawater Immersion Test (3.5% NaCl

No Protection Competitor VCI 1


SO2 Acid Gas Exposure Test Results

Competitor VCI 1 Zerust
Competitor VCI 1