Ref-Check PLUS Enhanced Reference Electrode Test System by Farwest Corrosion

Verify the Health of a CP Reference Electrode & Obtain an Accurate Potential Reading
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Do you want a way to overcome false or low structure-to-soil potential readings you might be receiving from your cathodic protection reference electrode (CPRE) and digital multimeter (DMM)?  You can have that solution today with the Farwest Ref-Check PLUS. 

The Ref-Check PLUS is two instruments in one.  It contains the original Farwest Ref-Check device, which allows a CP technician to determine if a CPRE is healthy (not high resistance).  If the CPRE is found to be compromised, the technician can then easily utilize the new electronic circuitry of the Ref-Check PLUS to obtain an accurate potential measurement from compromised CPRE's that previously indicated as high as a 90% error.


Benefits of the Ref-Check PLUS

By using the Ref-Check PLUS, you can extend the service life of compromised CPREs and be confident that the CPRE is providing a proper reading. The Ref-Check PLUS pays for itself on the first day you're able to obtain an accurate reading from a compromised CPRE that you no longer need to replace.


All DMMs will impose a load, referred to as "meter loading”, on the CPRE.  This load affects CPRE accuracy even under the best conditions.  Most professional grade DMMs have a 10 meg (million) ohm input resistance.  This may seem high but when used to measure very sensitive (high resistance) circuits, such as a compromised reference electrode (due to age or lack of moisture), the meter imposes a load on the circuit that can result in a very large structure-to-electrolyte potential error. 

The Ref-Check PLUS integrates proven "potentiometric voltmeter" technology, which when used with modern DMMs, provides a corresponding voltmeter sensitivity of over 5,000 meg ohms input resistance, (near zero meter loading) 500 times more sensitive than a typical DMM.  While there are high impedance voltmeters on the market that have input resistances as high as 200 meg ohms, they can cost in the range of $700.00 to over $3,000.00 and they still impose some level of loading on the CPRE resulting in a measurement error.


  • Lightweight design
  • Fits in your tool bag
  • Does not load the CPRE circuit
  • Extends the useful life of permanent reference electrodes
  • Ensures accuracy of portable CPRE's as well
  • Eliminates undetected measurement errors
  • Two devices in one
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use


With the new Ref-Check PLUS, you can now be confident in the structure-to-soil potential readings you receive.  Plus, you can effectively extend the life of compromised CPREs and lower your operating costs.

What's Provided With Your Order? 

With the purchase of your Ref-Check PLUS, you'll receive:

  • A professional grade, stackable dual test lead interconnect cable
  • Operating instructions
  • A lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship


The Ref-Check PLUS connects between the voltage input of a DMM, the CPRE and the structure test lead cable to convert a standard DMM into a near zero loading voltmeter.  

Step 1 - Use the Ref-Check function to determine if a CPRE is serviceable.  If the CPRE indicates that it is compromised, proceed to Step 2.  

Step 2 - Ensure that the Ref-Check section is in the "OFF" position.  In the “PM VOLTMETER” area of the device, press and hold the "ON" button.  While holding the "ON" button, turn the "ZERO" adjustment knob so to indicate zero on the DMM.  Once the DMM is displaying zero, continue to hold the "ON" button and also press the "READ" button to view the accurate structure-to-electrolyte potential on the DMM display.

The Ref-Check PLUS will measure DC structure-to-electrolyte potentials within a +/- 2 volt range, with a typical resolution of +/- 1 mV.  The included long-life CR2030 lithium battery will provide over 2,000 hours of continuous run time, which is equivalent to over 100,000 individual readings.


The Farwest Corrosion Control Company "Ref-Check PLUS" is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the device. The warranty does not apply to any products which have been subject to obvious physical damage, misuse, neglect or abnormal conditions of operations.